have you read the story?
2007-10-15 14:56:19 UTC
i just read a story that they are doing research on finding a "homesexual gene"does this worry anyone else?to me ,this sounds like they are looking for a way to stop some kids from being born "if they might be gay".this pushes my button as much as people who go to a lab to choose the sex of thier child.i was always told a child is a gift,something special.would you love your child any les if they said they were gay?would you terminate your pregnancy if you found out your child would be gay?
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2007-10-15 15:31:35 UTC

I can certainly understand your worries.

Maybe I can provide some perspective.

This research has been going on for years, and some scientists think they may be close to identifying the genetic markers that control sexuality.

However, I would like you to consider two things.

1. Children are not generally screened for genetic markers that are not linked to health issues. This is not to say that it can't be used in this fashion, but genetic testing is costly and not used lightly.

2. (And this, I feel, is much more important). Pretty much everything we are (aside from learned behaviors) is a result of our genetics. How great would it be to determine once and for all that the reason a person has a particular sexual orientation is the same reason they have blue eyes? And just as stupid a thing to hate someone over?

To shut up all of those (IMO) idiots that think that being L/G/B/T is a "choice", and you can "choose" not to be one thing or another?

I am straight myself, and I could no sooner "choose" to be Gay than my good friend Jay could "choose" to be Straight.

Can a Black person "choose" to be White or a tall person "choose" to be short? Of course not - and why should they want to?

People are people. And sexuality is no more a choice than any other naturally occurring feature. Every "non-Straight" person I have ever known (and there have been a lot of them)

knew they were L/G/B/T at a very early age.

Their personal experiences will only be confirmed by research that determines that our sexuality is determined in the same way our hair color is.
2007-10-15 15:11:03 UTC
::sigh:: I have heard this, and it is very bothersome if you think about it that way. I try to see the positive possibilities in everything though, and I choose to see it like this... If they do find some gene, then "they" will no longer be able to fall back on the argument that it's a lifestyle choice and you can simply NOT be gay if you so choose. This would put an end to those anti-gay kid camps and crap like that which psychologically scars kids. So there's an upside, try to see the good in the world! :D
2007-10-15 15:05:46 UTC
This is no better than cloning. We live in an age where science tries to make everything predictable. I don't agree with it either but there isn't anything we can do about it. Instead of doing research trying to find out if a child is going to be gay, they should do more research on stuff that matters like cures for diseases.
2007-10-15 15:19:47 UTC
I haven't read the story but that does piss me off to think that they might be capable of doing that some day...I would never stop my child from being born just because they are gay..To think if my parents would have done that to me is beyond words....I love my life and wouldn't change anything...
holey moley
2007-10-15 15:06:33 UTC
NEWS FLASH!!! Anyone who would not want a gay child probably doesn't endorse abortion, either. Catch 22.

( guess we homos had the last word on that, huh?).

By the way, those of you who don't believe homosexuality is inherited are hopelessly uninformed. If you would do your homework and stay up on the latest medical research, you would know differently, you ignorant fools!

Also, about "influencing a child" and having them "turn gay" is another measure of your ignorance. My son grew up very involved in the LGBT community and is as straight as a man can be. The difference is he has tolerance and respect for human differences; you should develop some yourselves!
2007-10-15 15:03:46 UTC
Gene cleansing I think will be like stem cell research if it ever even happens. It's too close to cloning and messing with God and all that. You open the door for this crack and it tosses out the window all the reasons not to allow stem cell research.
2007-10-15 15:01:51 UTC
no absoluty not i would love my child no matter what even if they didnt like me i would love them weather or not they are gay and there is no way i would ever terminate a pregency of mine because of that nor would i encourage ayn one else

i dislike how some poeple treat being gay as some hinf of sickness that can be preventer or cured there is nothing wrong with being gay
2007-10-15 15:00:59 UTC
Heck no! I'd love my child if they had no limbs and couldn't say a word besides 'hubblalhlh' his/her live.

Chances are, they wont be able to tell if a child is gay, and they'd be destroying lives for no reason.
2007-10-15 15:00:49 UTC
i dont think that would be the reason why they would look for a homesexual gene

i could be, but i think there are other reasons too

i would like to know if there was

because that would mean for sure for sure that people are born gay

then there would be that whole religious thing
That Gay Guy for Da Ben Dan
2007-10-15 15:00:22 UTC
I have heard this story and it is somewhat troubling to me. On one hand, it will finally show the homophobes and Bible thumpers that we didn't choose this. On the other hand, those same homophobes and Bible thumpers may have their child aborted or abandon him or her JUST BECAUSE they will be gay. I would never love anyone any less because of their sexuality, nor would I have my child aborted.
2007-10-15 14:59:59 UTC
There is no such thing as a homosexual gene !

I wouldn't love my child any less if they were gay either !

Why do some people just refuse to budge on their views and keep a closed mind !
2007-10-15 15:02:43 UTC
That's a good question. I would definatly want my child to attend church and believe in God. I am responsible for my childs salvation. But once they get old enough to make their own decisions, then they have a hold of their own fate. Doing my part in life is to lead my child towards the light. And I don't for one sec. think that there is such thing as a specific gene that determines if your child is gay or straight.
2007-10-15 14:59:58 UTC
No I wouldn't but i think theyre just doing it to try and understand why some people liike people of the same sex. Some people just don't get it.
2007-10-15 15:01:22 UTC
No! I would love my child just the same.
fanny bandits
2007-10-15 15:00:17 UTC
oh my god that's stupid.

frankly, I LIKE being bi and wouldn't change for ANYTHING.

it's just so right, you know?

so now they'll come up with pills for being gay, and discrimination levels will go OFF the CHARTS, and everyone will be pissed off.
2007-10-15 14:58:54 UTC
Every parent is different.Its about choice.At least in a Democracy.
2007-10-15 15:01:02 UTC
I would think that they are lying there is no way anyone can know if your child is gay. It's how you influence him.
2007-10-15 15:04:41 UTC
i agree there life u just guide them through life
2007-10-15 14:59:23 UTC
Excuse me, of course NOT, and Hell no.. to the last two questions.
surfer chicka
2007-10-15 15:00:50 UTC
2007-10-15 15:05:18 UTC
most likley yes
2007-10-15 15:04:24 UTC
☺♥♦Have A Laugh♣♠☻™
2007-10-15 14:59:07 UTC
wow, wat a question ur asking.

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